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While some celebrities are open books about their personal lives, others tend to keep the details of their relationships on the down low. But even those A-listers who don't mind having their real-life love stories play out in headlines sometimes slip a few details past the public. For example, there are a lot of celebs who've had same-sex relationships that most people didn't even know about over the years. When it comes to these stars, they weren't exactly hiding anything, but their various dalliances did seem to slip under the radar for a lot of fans.

Bella Hadid | 0:28
Miley Cyrus | 1:17
Carmen Electra | 2:05
Michelle Rodriguez | 2:50
Whitney Houston | 3:37
Kristen Stewart | 4:46
Evan Rachel Wood | 5:34
Aubrey Plaza | 6:23
Sarah Paulson | 7:25
Amber Heard | 8:11
Lee Pace | 8:46

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