We have NEW MERCH available at Hypop!!! 😍 Grab yourself an enamel pin of our Shiba Inu, Kenji here: http://bit.ly/2pB0h3e In this video we go through the differences between cotton muslin and paper backdrops for photography and video. #paperbackdrops #photography #hypop

There are three main considerations when selecting a backdrop:

1. Price
2. Portability
3. Production

The price of a backdrop varies with the sizes available. Paper backdrops are typically available in two widths:

- 2.72m x 10m (Full Width)
- 1.36 x 10m (Half Width)

Cotton muslin backdrops are available in various sizes, including:

- 3 x 6m (For full body)
- 3 x 3m (For cropped / half body shots)
- 2 x 3m (For cropped/ single subjects)
- 1.45 x 1m (For headshots - shoulders and above) - perfect for livestream and YouTube.

Storing and transporting backdrops is a consideration when deciding the location for your shoot. Cotton muslin backdrops can be folded and transported easily, compared to paper backdrops that will typically need a vehicle to transport.

Cotton muslin backdrops are machine washable whereas paper backdrops will need to be disposed of (length cut off) when dirtied.

The type of production needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the colour of your backdrop. Will it be for a video or a photo shoot? Chroma key backdrops or plain solid colours are versatile to have for video shoots, whereas any colour can be typically be used in a photoshoot, depending on the brief or what shot is being achieved.

The main accessories to consider with your new backdrop would be:
- Backdrop Stand - to help mount your backdrop in a studio or on-location environment. Alternatively, permanently installed ceiling or wall mounts are available.

- Backdrop Pegs - to help keep backdrops taut or to prevent them from unravelling when mounted to a backdrop stand. Either peg the top of the backdrop (for paper backdrops) or the sides of the backdrop to keep them taut.

- Weighted Sand Bags - It's best to keep your backdrop stands weighted with the assistance of sand bags to maintain stability of your backdrop, when mounted.

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