Top 10 Best Lesbian Adult Movies

10 Best Lesbian Erotic Movies feature women of various shapes, sizes and color. They also feature different types of gender identities such as femmes and butches. The first lesbian film appeared on the big screen in the 1980’s. It was made by lesbians and entirely for lesbians. There are lesbians scenes in many heterosexual films but those are more from a male fantasy perspective complete with surgical enhancements.  Lesbian erotic movies, however, have actresses that are real, non-commercialized lesbians. Here is your guide to the 10 best lesbian erotic movies.

"Pandora’s Box"– “Pandora’s Box” is a silent, German movie that was made in 1929. Erotic movies were pretty rare back then but this movie portrays an inhibited woman and her raw sexuality. Lulu is the mistress of a newspaper publisher. Countess Augusta Geschwitz has a strong lust for Lulu. The movie follows their journey.
"Desert Hearts"– “Desert Hearts” debuted in 1985 and is based on the book, “Desert of the Heart” by Jane Rule. The movie received a lot of critical reception because it depicted a lesbian relationship. The film explores the relationship of Vivian, a soon-to-be-divorced college teacher and Cay, a free spirited lesbian.
"Bound" – “Bound” is an amazing lesbian erotic movie. It tells the story of a woman who ends a relationship with her boyfriend and begins a lesbian affair with a female ex-convict. Susie, a feminist writer and sex educator, choreographed the lesbian sex scenes in “Bound”.
"Go Fish" – “Go Fish” is one of the best lesbian erotic movies. The movie was directed and written by Rose Troche and her former girlfriend Guinevere Turner. The movie follows the life of a group of lesbian friends. “Go Fish” has won several awards such as The Best Feature Film in 1994 for The Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Award.
"Lianna"– The movie, “Lianna,” was released in 1983 and directed by John Sayles. The movie plot describes a lonely housewife named Lianna.  When she enrolls in college classes, she realizes that she is attracted to her professor, Ruth. But Ruth is living with another woman already. Take a journey with Lianna as she leaves her husband and discovers herself.
"Mango Kiss"– One of the best lesbian erotic movies is “Mango Kiss.” The movie follows the lives of two lesbian friends. “Mango Kiss” is based on the play, “Bermuda Triangles.” The movie has claimed several awards such as The Best Lesbian Film at The Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival in 2004.
"Better Than Chocolate"– Is there anything better than chocolate in this world? Well lesbian erotic movies, of course. “Better than Chocolate” is a Canadian movie released in 1999. The movie is about Maggie who is having a relationship with her lover, Kim. But when Maggie’s mother and brother move in with her, she must keep her affair a secret since they don’t know she is a lesbian.
"Claire of the Moon"– As one of the best lesbian erotic movies, “Claire of the Moon” was released in 1992. It shares the story of a heterosexual author, Claire, whose life is changed when she attends a retreat for women. The movie divulges the relationship between Claire and her roommate, Dr. Noel Benedict.
"Score"– “Score” was one of the first films that showed bisexual and lesbian relationships. It was released in 1972 in the United States. The movie depicts erotic scenes such as Betsy and Elvira, married swingers, role-playing with Halloween costumes. The movie is based on the off-Broadway play.
"Wild Side"– “Wild Side” is a lesbian erotic movie that stars Anne Heche and Christopher Walken. There were three different versions of the movie made. The film is famous for its lesbian erotic scene between actors Anne Heche and Joan Chen. 


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