VICTORIA - For the first time the public is hearing the gruesome details of how Canada's most prolific serial killer murdered his victims, straight from his mouth. 
The courts have released hours of tapes, where Robert Pickton describes in his own words how he killed dozens of women at his Port Coquitlam pig farm.

They are pictures and words a jury used to find Robert Pickton guilty of killing six women.

In newly released footage, the now-convicted murderer talks to police as a recently captured suspect.

Police arrested the Port Coquitlam pig farmer in February 2002.

Hours later, he was in police custody, and eventually confessed his crimes to an undercover police officer. 

The hours and hours of tapes, along with thousands of documents make up a staggering amount of evidence in the criminal case that until now could not be reported. 

Pickton's victims were sex trade workers connected to Vancouver's Downtown East Side.  

Yesterday, charges against Pickton related to the murders 20 other women were stayed and as a result the publication ban is now lifted. 


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